Lexington Forensic Neuropsychiatry

Curriculum Vitae

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Business Address

Timothy S. Allen, M.D.

Business Address:
St Joseph Office Park
1401 Harrodsburg Rd Suite A-420
Lexington, KY 40504
Work: (859) 277-7423
FAX: (859) 278-9256
E-mail: timothyallenmd@outlook.com

Current Employment

Private Practice in Forensic Psychiatry 01/2014-present

UK Department of Psychiatry

Director of Forensic Services:
Part Time Associate Clinical Professor 01/2011 - present
Full Time Associate Clinical Professor 07/2003 - 12/2010
Full Time Assistant Professor 07/2003 - 07/09

KY Correctional Psychiatric Center - part-time

Staff Psychiatrist
Court-Appointed Evaluator of Competency to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility 07/2003-present

PsychiatricConsultant -

Federal Medical Center, Lexington, KY 2013-present
Certified Financial Analyst Institute 2005-present
LSAT 2015-present
Corrections Corporation of America 2005-2007
Texas Bar Examiners 2005-present
Virginia Bar Examiners 2005-present
New York Bar Examiners 2005-present
Louisiana Bar Examiners 2008
Missouri Bar Examiners 2013-present
North Carolina Bar Examiners 2014-present
Pennsylvania Bar Examiners 2014-present
Delaware Bar Examiners 2014-present

Past Employment

St. Claire Regional Medical Center

St. Claire Counseling- Staff Psychiatrist 01/2011-12/2013

Greenwell Springs Hospital, LA

On-Call Physician 09/2002-06/2003

VA Medical Center, New Orleans, LA

Fee-Basis Psychiatrist 01/2003-06/2003

Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, KY

Officer on Duty 10/1999-06/2002

Post-Doctoral Training

Tulane University, New Orleans

Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship 07/2002-06/2003

University of Kentucky

Chief Resident-General Psychiatry 07/2001-06/2002
General Psychiatry Residency 07/1999-06/2002

Tulane University

Preliminary Medicine Internship 07/1998-06/1999

Higher Education

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY MD 1994-98
University of Louisville- Political Science BA 1992-94
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1990-92

Medical Licensure

Kentucky 35132 07/1999-present
Louisiana 026118 06/2002-05/2004


American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Diplomate in General Psychiatry- Number 52427 05/2003
Diplomate in Forensic Psychiatry- Number 1470 03/2005
Recertification for both in May 2013- good until 2023

Committee Responsibilities

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Neuropsychiatry Committee- 2008-present
Reviewer APPL Journal 2012-present
Computer Committee- 2003-2004

UK Office of the Provost

Threat Assessment Team 2010-2012

UK College of Medicine

Curriculum Committee 2005-2008
Clinical Performance Exam Committee 2004-2010
UK President’s Methamphetamine Task Force 2006-2008
Graduate Medical Education Self-Study Committee-
Committee to prepare UK for LCME accreditation 2001

Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center

Chair, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 2004- 2007

UK Department of Psychology

Associate Member of Graduate Faculty 2008-2011
Dissertation Committee: Myriam Sollman M.S. Feigned ADHD 2008
Dissertation Committee: Karen Derefinko M.S. Psychopathy 2008


UK Psychiatry Chairman’s Award 2013
UK Psychiatry Outstanding Outpatient Supervisor Award 2013
Fellow Status of the American Psychiatric Association 2009
Abraham Flexner Master Educator Award

Curriculum Development 2005
Outstanding Teaching or Mentorship 2007

Abraham Wikler Outstanding Resident Award 2002
Jansen Excellence in Psychiatry Award 2002

Past Research, Publications and Book Chapters / Contributions

Granacher RP (2015), Traumatic Brain Injury: Methods for Clinical and Forensice Neuropsychiatric Assessment 3rd ed.,CRC Press (Contributor)

Perry B, Neltner M, Allen T. A Paradox of Bias: Racial Differences in Forensic Psychiatric Diagnosis and Determinations of Criminal Responsibility. Race and Social Problems. Dec 2013 Vol 5 Issue 4 pp 239-249

Botts S, Lockwood A, Allen T (2009). Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety. In Chisholm-Burns et al (Ed.) Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill. (Chapter co-author)

            Walker C, Thomas J, Allen TS. Treating Impulsivity, Irritability, and Aggression of Antisocial Personality Disorder with Quetiapine. Review Series: Psychiatry, Issue 1/2005

Lile JA, Stoops WW, Allen TS, Glaser PE, Hays LR, Rush CR. Baclofen Does Not Alter The Reinforcing, Subjects-Rated Or Cardiovascular Effects of Intranasal Cocaine in Humans Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2004 Feb;171(4):441-9. Epub 2003 Sep 19

Walker C, Thomas J, Allen TS. Treating Impulsivity, Irritability, and Aggression of Antisocial Personality Disorder with Quetiapine. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology Vol 47, Iss 5 October 2003

National Presentations

Wortzel H, Allen T, et al. TBI Update: International Collaboration on mTBI and DSM-5. Panel, APPL 46th Annual Meeting 2015, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 10/25/2015

Beehler B, Allen T, et al. Screening Tests in Predicting Competency. Poster Presentation, AAPL 46th Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 10/24/2015

Fozdar M, Allen T et al New Fronteirs in Frontotemporal Dementia: Forensic Relevance Workshop, AAPL 46th Annual Meeting 2015, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 10/22/15

Reynolds A, Allen T. Interrelationships Among Crime, Aggressive Behavior, and TBI. Poster presentation. AAPL 44th Annual Meeting 2013, San Diego, CA, 10/26/13

Holzer J, Granacher R, Wortzel H, Allen T, Dingmann P. Forensic Psychiatric Issues in Combat-Related TBI and PTSD. AAPL 43rd Annual Meeting 2012, Montreal, PQ, Canada, 10/28/12.

Fozdar M, Granacher R, Wortzel H, Allen T. Traumatic Brain Injury and Sociopathy: How, What and Where? AAPL 42nd Annual Meeting 2011, Boston, MA 10/11

Allen TS, Granacher R, Fozdar M, Wortzel H, Holtzer J. Neurotoxin Exposure in Forensic Assessment. Workshop, AAPL 41st Annual Meeting 2010, Tucson AZ, 10/10

Neltner M, Jones T, Allen TS Racial Disparity: Diagnosis and Criminal Responsibility, Poster Presentation, AAPL 40th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 10/09

Neltner M, Jones T, Allen TS Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence: A Chart Review, Paper Presentation, AAPL 40th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 10/09

Granacher RP, Allen TS, et al Neuroimaging in Forensic Psychiatry: Uses and Misuses. Workshop, AAPL 40th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 10/09.

Houchin T, Ranseen J, Allen TS, Heister T. SPECT Scannning for the Detection of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Poster presentation. AAPL 37th Annual Meeting., Chicago IL, 10/06.

Allen TS, Newman A, Thompson JW Jr. Telemedicine in Forensic Psychiatry- Applications and Acceptance. Research in Progress Presentation at American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL) 36th Annual Meeting, Montreal Canada 10/05

Katz DA, Sprang R, Allen TS, Sistrunk S. Making Telepsychiatry Work For You. Workshop at APA annual meeting, May 22, 2003

Thomas J, Allen TS. Use of Quetiapine to Target Hostility, Impulsivity, and Aggression in Severe Antisocial Personality Disorder in an Inpatient Forensic Psychiatric Facility. Poster presentation National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, Nashville TN, 11/02

Allen TS, Hays LR, Rush CR. A Neurobehavioral Analysis of the Effects of Cocaine in Humans: Effects of Sibutramine and Methlyphenidate- double blind trial comparing the self-reported euphoric effects of the three drugs. Poster presentation at AAAP Annual Meeting 12/01

Allen TS, Hays LR. Valproic Acid for Gamma-HydroxyButyrate Dependence; Poster Presentation at American Academy Of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) Annual Meeting, 12/00

Regional and National Lectures:

Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Matricide: Murder in the French Quarter 04/2003

35th Annual Family Practice Board Review- Lexington, KY
I’ve Got Nerves, a review of anxiety disorders and treatment 11/2003, 02/2004, 05/2004

KPMA 30th Annual Advances in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Louisville, KY
Detecting Malingering in your Practice 03/2004
The Insanity Defense 03/2004

36th Annual Family Practice Board Review- Lexington, KY
Geriatric Depression - a review of mechanisms and treatment 11/2004, 02/2005, 05/2005

Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Forensic Psychiatry and Athletics
Boxing: Brain Injury and Self-Destructive Behavior 04/2006

30th Anniversary Pretrial Officers Conference- Covington, KY
Psychiatric Disorders in the Criminal Context 06/2006

38th Annual Family Practice Board Review- Lexington, KY
Psychosis in the Primary Care Setting 11/2006
Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Post Katrina- Lessons Learned Post Disaster:
Neurobiology of Stress and Trauma 04/2007

Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Great Men Sick Minds:
Adolf Hitler: From Painter to Furher 04/2008

KPMA 35th Annual Advances in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Louisville, KY
Informed Consent 03/2009

Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
The Many Faces of Antisocial Personality Disorder
The Man with No Heart and Half a Brain 04/2009

40th Annual Family Practice Board Review- Lexington, KY
Psychosis in the Primary Care Setting 2/12/2010

Kentucky Psychological Association Annual Meeting 11/2009
Invited Lecturer-
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Psychopharmacology

Tulane French Quarter Festival Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Back to Basics- A Forensic Primer
Psychiatric Malpractice 04/2010

Tulane Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Hot Topics in Forensic Psychiatry Boundary Issues in Clinical Practice 04/2011

Tulane Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Update on Criminal Forensic Behavioral Health: From
Eye Witness Testimony to the Death Penalty
Syndromal Defenses: Battered Woman Syndrome and
the Twinkie Defense 04/2012

International American University, College of Medicine, St. Lucia 09/2012
Insanity Defense in the U.S. and the Caribbean

Kentucky Psychological Association Annual Meeting 11/2012
Invited Lecturer-
Psychopharmacology Update 2012

Tulane Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Notorious: Lessons from the Darker Side of Forensic Psychiatry
Whack Job: The Lizzie Borden Murders 04/2013

Tulane Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Forensic Psychiatry: From Sexual Sadism to Maternal/Fetal Rights
“Torture Porn” and the History of What Scares Us 04/2014

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Education Association
Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Functional Restoration 12/11/14

International American University, College of Medicine, St. Lucia 11/2014
Professionalism in Medicine- Faculty Development Seminar
Informed Consent and Medical Malpractice- Grand Rounds Lecture

Tulane Forensic Symposium- New Orleans, LA
Difficult Topics in Forensic Mental Health
Media Frenzy: Sexual Assault in the News 04/2015

Kentucky Bar Association Annual Convention
Client Control/Client Management 06/2015

University of Kentucky Lectures

Grand Rounds Presentations:
UK Dept of Internal Medicine 12/2009
A Psychopharmacology Update

UK Dept of Psychiatry
The Man with No Heart and Half a Brain 02/2012
Hitler: A psychobiography 04/2009
Insanity: A Defense? 11/2003

UK Dept of Neurology
Informed Consent in the Practice of Medicine 03/2005

UK Psychiatry Medical Student Clinical Clerkship
Insanity Mock Trial, monthly 2005-10
Director’s Conference, weekly 2003-05
Jeffery Dahmer and the Insanity Defense, monthly 2003-07
Psychopharmacology, bimonthly 2001-02

UK Psychiatry Residency Lecture Series

Legal Issues in Child Psychiatry 08/2015
Forensic Psychiatry Primer 08/2015
Suicide Risk Assessment 10/2014
Neurocognitive Disorders 08/2014
Medical Malpractice 11/2013
Malingering Detection 11/2013
Recovered Memories 11/2013
Culture, Psychiatry, and DSM 5 10/2013
Forensic Primer 07/2013
Competency to Make Medical Decisions 11/2012
Malingered Mental Illness 10/2012
Recovered Memories, Forensic Implications- 2 lectures 05/2012
Child Testimony in Court 02/2012
Psychopharmacology Series- 5 lectures 10-12/2011
Primer of Forensic Psychiatry 07/2011
Competency to Stand Trial 09/2010
Psychiatric Malpractice 09/2010
Anxiety Disorders- Pharmacology 08/2010
Journal Club- Star*D Trial 11/2009
Journal Club- CATIE trial 09/2009
Informed Consent 08/2009
Anxiety Disorders- Diagnosis and Treatment 08/2009
Repressed Memories and Satanic Abuse 04/2009
Expert Witness Testimony 01/2009
Morbidity and Mortality Conference- anticoagulation 05/2008
Outpatient Forensic Issues 07/2008
Medical Students Teaching 03/2008
Psychopharmacology Series- 6 lectures 09-10/2007
Testimony by children- pitfalls 08/2007
Expert Witness Testimony 08/2007
Medicolegal Primer for Interns 08/2007
Medical Student Teaching 05/2007
Pharmacology of Mood Stabilizers 09/2006
Pharmacology of Depression 09/2006
Forensic Issues in Psychiatry 09/2006
Medical Malpractice 05/2006
Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations 05/2006
Child Custody Evaluations and Law 05/2006
Juvenile Offender Law 06/2006
Child Testimony in Court 11/2005
Expert Witness Testimony 11/2005
Repressed Memories 05/2005
Child Testimony in Court 05/2005
Right to Refuse Medical Treatment 06/2005
Pharmacology of Antidepressants 09/2004
Forensic Issues in Psychiatry 08/2004
Supportive Psychotherapy of Personality D/O- 4 lectures 11/2003
Forensic Issues in Psychiatry 09/2003
Detection of Malingering 08/2003
Medical Cross Coverage 07/2002
Pharmacology of Antipsychotics 08/2001
Personality Disorders 08/2001
Medical Cross Coverage 07/2001

UK Internal Medicine Residency Lecture Series
Psychotic Disorders 06/2005
Major Depression 11/2005

UK Family Medicine Residency Lecture Series
Anxiety Disorders 01/2011
Psychopharmacology 03/2015

UK Neurology Residency Lecture Series
Antipsychotic Pharmacology 05/2010

UK Masters in Social Work Program
Basic Psychopharmacology 03/2001

UK Physician’s Assistant Program: Lecture Series Coordinator,
Psychotic Disorders
Personality Disorders 12/2001

UK College of Medicine
Neuroanatomy Course: Psychotic Disorders 04/2001

Pathology Course: Forensic Psychiatry, Mood Disorders I and II 03/2010
Forensic Psychiatry 05/2013
Forensic Psychiatry 05/2015
Forensic Psychiatry 05/2015     

UK College of Law
Criminal Law Course- Insanity Defense 11/2009
     19th Biennial FAMILY LAW INSTITUTE – 2014
Everything You Wanted To Know About Mental Illness 05/2014


UK College of Pharmacy
Mood Disorders 03/2009

Teaching Responsibilities

Forensic Psychiatry Rotation Director- 3rd year Psychiatry Residents 2009-present
Civil Forensic Evaluation Clinic
Telemedicine Forensic Clinic with Federal Medical Center

Clerkship Director- 3rd year Medical Student Psychiatry rotation 2003-2010

Resident Supervisor-
Vincent Blanche, M.D. 2003-04
Kalyn Lane, M.D. 2003-04
Beth Housman, M.D. 2005-06
Tyler Jones, M.D 2005-07
Matt Neltner, M.D. 2007-08
Pixie Yung, M.D. 2008-09
Elizabeth Hay M.D. and Caaithry Jayaramen, M.D. 2009-10
Brooke Beehler, D.O. and Janeali Mehdi, M.D. 2010-11
Lynn Jacobson, M.D. 2012
Janani Venugopalakrishnan, M.D. 2013
James Hawthorne, M.D. 2013
Matthew Meek, MD 2013
Casey Berson, MD 2014
Emilee Bailey-Offill, DO 2014
Brooke Beehler D.O. 2014-15
Lauren Marasa M.D. 2015

Mock Oral Board Examiner 2003-08

Media Interviews

WTVQ-36 Virginia Tech Shooting 04/2007

WTVQ-36 “The Mind of a Pedophile” 11/2007

ForensicMag.com Douglas Page “Forensic Psychiatry: Policing the Intersection of Mental Health and the Law” June/July 2008

WRFL Radio Mental Illness in Lexington and Gun Ownership 3/06/13

WUKY Radio Munchausen’s Syndrome and Social Media 6/18/14

WTVQ-36 Virginia TV Crew Shooting 09/2015

Community Activities

Lexington Youth Soccer Association
Volunteer Coach 2003-05
Volunteer Basketball Coach 2007-09
Volunteer Soccer Coach 2008-09

Dixie Youth Basketball
Volunteer Coach 2009-10

Crossroads Church Youth Basketball
Volunteer Coach 2014-15

Forensic Case Experience

Expert witness testimony provided in civil and criminal hearings, depositions, or trials in Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Areas of expertise and testimony include:
Traumatic Brain Injury
Medical Malpractice
Standard of Care
Informed Consent
Worker’s Compensation
Medical Licensure Review
Fitness for Duty
Dangerousness Assessment
Competency to Stand Trial
Criminal Responsibility
Employer Consultation- Workplace Violence
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Accommodation for Standardized Examinations (ADA)
Testamentary Capacity

Professional Interests in Psychiatry

Forensic Psychiatry- civil and criminal
Traumatic Brain Injury and its sequelae
Informed Consent
Psychopharmacology of Antipsychotics
Public Health/Policy
Medical Student/Resident Education
Telemedicine and it applications in psychiatry